Island 4x4 Hire

15 goondi st rainbow Beach QLD 4581


Who books the Ferry Tickets and Vehicle Access Permit for Fraser Island? 

If you have booked one of our inclusive packages, then these are all taken of for you.  If you are just booking a 4x4 Hire for then the cost of the ferry (approximately $130) and the vehicle access permit (approximately $60) will need to be purchased separately.  These can be bought in Rainbow Beach before heading to Fraser Island.  We will assist you with this. 


Do I need a Vehicle Permit and a Covid Pass to explore locally? 

If you into to travel along the Freshwater track past Lake Poona car park or along Rainbow Beach past Middle Rocks towards Double Island Point, then you will need a vehicle access pass and a Covid Pass.  We suggest you organise the Covid Pass prior to booking to ensure you get one.  The vehicle access permit can be booked on the morning of your hire.  We will assist you with this. 



What are the ferry times for Fraser Island? 

The ferry departs from Inskip Point approximately every half hour.  No bookings are required or accepted, just turn up and drive on the next available one.  The ferry runs from 6am to 4:45pm.  Please ensure you are at hook point at 4:30pm at the absolute latest to avoid being stuck on Fraser Island for an extra night. 


What if I have no beach driving experience? 

No experience, no problems.  We will provide you with a full driving briefing and plenty of information to give you the confidence to tackle anything that Fraser Island can throw at you.  We will even give you a practical driving demonstration on the beach before you depart to ensure you are ready. 


How do I know what to see and where to go on Fraser Island? 

We will provide you with the safe beach driving times and a suggested itinerary to follow to make the most of your Fraser Island adventure.  We take in to account the tide times and the up to date conditions on Fraser Island when we plan your itinerary and will keep it flexible enough for you to make the most of your holiday. 


What can I see and do in Rainbow Beach 

When planning your holiday, we recommend spending a few days before or after your Fraser Island adventure in Rainbow Beach as there is so much to offer.  Hire a 4x4 and check out the famous colour sands and lighthouse, hire a boat and try your hand at fishing, have a go at surfing the longest wave in Australia, how about horse riding along the beach or a helicopter ride or skydive.  So much to see and do, talk to us for some tips. 


How old do I need to be to drive a 4x4? 

Unlike a lot of companies, we allow anyone with a valid driver’s licence and over the age of 18 to drive.  We trust our clients will do the right thing by us and the vehicles, all we ask is you respect and look after our vehicles and equipment as if it was your own. 


What are the chances I damage the 4x4 and what will that cost? 

In the 6 years we have been hiring 4x4’s there has been very few instances of people being charged for damages to the 4x4 and in most cases the charged amounts were quite low.  We offer such a comprehensive driver and safety briefing that you will be armed with all of the information you need to keep yourself and the 4x4 safe.  We do offer liability reducing options as well for your total peace of mind. 


What happens if the 4x4 breaks down? 

We have a contact number you can call for immediate assistance.  Quite often the problem will be so simple you will be able to get yourself going again with the tools supplied and the advice we give you on the phone.  We also have a staff member on standby with a spare vehicle if needed.   Any lost time will be added to the end of your hire free of charge.