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Raptor Lining & Resprays

Are you looking for a cheaper more durable cost effective way to respray your old tired 4x4 or car? Why not try a RAPTOR respray from Island 4x4. RAPTOR lining has been around for years and many people have been using it for many different applications from Ute tub lining, Bull bars, Boats, Trailers, Under body protection the list is go on for ever. 

RAPTOR is a unique super tough protective coating. It can be used over a multitude of surfaces and RAPTOR tintable can be tinted to any colour of your choice, with the ability to create both smooth and textured finishes. Protects against rust, corrosion, damp and extreme temperatures.

  • Thick – up to 5 times thicker than standard auto paints
  • Energy absorbing – high resistance to stone chipping and scraping abrasion
  • Easy to touch-up
  • High UV resistance
  • High water resistance and rust protection

Here at Island 4x4 we have been using these products for years to protect our 4x4 hire fleet from the harsh beach conditions. So with our experienced team we can protect or just tidy up the old paint job on your trusty 4x4. We also do tub lining, bull bars or anything that needs to be protected.

Toughen-up your truck or car with RAPTOR Coating.

RAPTOR Protective Coating is a 2K polyurethane coating that provides surfaces with a protective barrier.

Ideal for whole car resprays or to provide protection to accessories.

RAPTOR coatings are perfect for panels, Ute trays, side steps, roof-rack ladders, bumpers and bull-bars. Any component on your vehicle that needs toughening-up or just dressing-up. 

RAPTOR Coatings can be tinted with standard paint system colours

No job to big or to small ! ! !

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