Island 4x4 Hire

15 goondi st rainbow Beach QLD 4581

Chemical Rust Proofing

Clear Rust Preventative

For great protection between 

beach visits add a 

clear penetrating rust preventative 

to the entire underside of your vehicle 

after any after beach wash


Tectyl Underbody Coating
( Road use vehicles only )

If you want to protect your car even further, 
treat your car to one of the best 
long term rust protections on the market. 
A complete Tectyl coating on the 
under carriage of your vehicle 
and penetrol inside your chassis rails and cross members will insure your vehicle will stay at its best for years to come.


Heavy Duty 

Tectyl Underbody Coating

Are you someone that spends a fair bit of time on the beach. This one is for you, This is a Double Tectyl underbody coating to the entire under carriage of the vehicle with Penetrol injected inside your chassis rails and cross members. 


Heavy Duty Beach Pack

This one is for those people that live on the beach and want to save a few bucks. This includes the heavy duty underbody rust protection, cavity rust protection to the window line and the engine bay clear protection. With this bundle you will save $100.


Cavity Rust Protection to window line

We also offer cavity Rust protection to the inside 

of your doors, tail gates and wheel guards. 

We use a clear Penetrating rust preventive which is 

injected into existing drain holes with a special high pressure gun 

to ensure it will reach all the hard to reach places. 

So we do not need to remove your door trims or drill 

any holes into your vehicle.


Annual Check ups 

Just like servicing your car we offer a annual Check and top up 

to make sure your car or 4x4 is always protected.



All The products we use will carry a 3 year product warrantee 

against cracking, peeling or flaking. 

Any existing rust or damage to the coating will not be covered.